Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Come On Down

Obama Accepts Int'l Aid for Gulf After 70 Days

At last, Soetoro has caved in from the pressure brought to bear on him by the media, the American people and even some in his own party. 70 days after the BP, in concert with the government, blew up Deepwater Horizon, he is finally going to allow other countries to help. Unless that's not the reason, and he was ordered to do so by his controllers, who can say at this point.

So now that Slimeball Matthews and AC/DC Cooper and Rachel Madcow are free to stop criticizing his inaction on the Gulf disaster, they can go back to doing what they do best. And Barry will be given cover and the opportunity to spend the next few months trying to get his carbon tax through the Congress. It doesn't matter to him now how much of the oil will have been cleaned up by other countries' vessels and crews. He managed, somehow, to play thing out for well over two months without massive protests or riots. The people of the Gulf should have rallied and marched on the White House, or as I have decided to rename it, the Red House.

Soetoro would prefer you to think of his abode as the Green House, but we all know he doesn't really care for the environment, for Earth, for Gaia, as the crazed environmentalist nuts call the planet. He has allowed the oil to flow freely, and allowed BP to attempt "repairs" over and over which only increased the flow rate, on purpose. He has covered up the fact, along with the media to a large extent, that oil has been flowing for weeks out of innumerable other, smaller, naturally formed vents on the ocean floor. Even if the wellhead were somehow sealed, at this juncture it wouldn't matter -- the oil under that seabed, reported by the media in the U.K. to be under 100,000psi of pressure, would simply continue to empty from those other vents, and new vents would also form.

If in the future history books are allowed by the government to be written in an honest fashion, they will clearly state that a foreign agent calling himself Barack Obama not only purposely stalled efforts to clean up the oil in the Gulf but was in fact complicit in and a crucial piece of the globalists' own effort to kill the Gulf states' economies, as just one small piece of their gambit to take this country apart, one piece at a time.

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