Monday, June 28, 2010

Hair Trigger

Supremes Reaffirm Second Amendment 5-4

The Supreme Court has just voted 5-4 in favor of your Second Amendment rights. This landmark decision is key in that, for now, by law, your right to keep and bear arms is intact. But this is also very sad and telling of the liberal left. The four liberal vermin on the court voted against the Second Amendment, which is the most important next to the First. At certain times it becomes the most important of all, when arms are needed to protect free speech.

But the insane leftists like Ruth Hater Ginsberg care nothing for the Constitution or Bill of Rights, nor any of the ideals and morals that our founding fathers held high. In order to finally destroy the last vestiges of this once great republic they need to take our guns. The blue-blood communist libs are scared to death of red-blooded American patriot citizens, especially when they own guns. So Soetoroland, a.k.a. Chicago passed a law violating the Bill of Rights and your rights, and the Supreme Court, by the narrowest possible margin, slapped that illegal law down.

But make no mistake about it -- if something were to happen to one of the heroic conservatives on the Court who are constantly fending off these type of criminal laws and policies, tyranny would instantly be enabled. If Barry and his filthy ilk keep being rejected in the Court you may very see a mysterious accident or illness take the life of Justice Thomas, or Scalia, or Roberts or Alito, God forbid. Don't put it past the globalists and their puppets. If offing a conservative justice becomes necessary to strip us of our last fundamental rights, they will do it.

And today marked both Anthony Kennedy's last day on the Court and the first day of the show trial hearings for Mrs. Toad, Elena Kagan. This woman is an abomination and has absolutely no business being nominated, much less being confirmed and installed in the Supreme Court. She has never been a judge, never presided over a single case. What she is, though, and the reason she will be confirmed, is a toadie of Goldman-Sachs, and a former employee of that band of criminals. So she will do what her and Soetoro's common handlers tell her to do, namely destroy the remains of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And she will be confirmed, I'd bet the house on it. None of the spineless Republicans will stand up to her and Barry. A couple will try to pander to their constituents and voice disapproval during the televised hearings, hoping to become each days hot sound bite on Fox News, but none of them will have the steel to filibuster the bitch. She'll slide through the hearings like feces through a goose, which is appropriate because she is filth of the lowest order. She has written that we have no Second Amendment rights, that government could and should control speech to make it "fair," and that the executive branch, i.e. her old friend Barry Hussein Soetoro, should enjoy increased power, unequal to and above that of the Congress.

So you still have your God-given rights, at least for now, but only by a hair's breadth did they survive. And as soon as someone at Goldmine's-Sac snaps their fingers, one of the four conservative Justices can be bumped off and the real fun will begin for the drugged-up, mentally ill liberals. The irony of the whole thing is that they'll run crying with soiled pants to their conservative, gun owning neighbors when the globalist endgame machine starts to crank. I think they'll have an epiphany when they're forced out of their ivory towers in the universities and their sandboxes in the media. Maybe the founding fathers weren't all ignorant racists after all, and maybe conservatives don't all secretly wear white hoods and robes at night. Maybe guns are good things. Without them, we'd all already be dead or enslaved.

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