Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is not my information or necessarily my opinion, thought I certainly think it feasible. Greg Evensen, a military vet and former Kansas State Trooper with extensive ties to both the military and civilian law enforcement, has said on Hawk's show today, July 1, that the government is planning to start evacuations from some of the Gulf Coast states following the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Limited at first to the elderly, pregnant women and young children, then possibly a general evacuation in the areas hardest hit by the oil and toxic chemicals.

Again, I'm just putting this down for the record in case it happens. Hurricane Alex has managed to push the poison slurry even farther inland with its 8-12 foot swells reaching our coast. So the government would have a valid reason for ordering at least a limited evacuation in the aresa with the highest contamination. What is the most frightening is that Evensen says that the military and law enforcement have been drilling to forcibly remove people from their homes, and that those who refuse to leave will simply be shot twice in the head on sight. God help us all if that happens.

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