Monday, June 28, 2010


Bonds Expert: Prepare For Massive Money Printing

Buy gold. Buy gold. Buy gold. Now.

Inflation will continue despite the globalists' effort to keep gold prices artificially low by dumping massive amounts into the market. They can't do this forever -- there simply has not been enough gold mined in human history to cover up the massive fraud they perpetrated by using derivatives and other fake financial sleights of hand to bankrupt then buy up the entire world. According to economists, based on the history of gold prices in the last century as compared to inflation in this country, gold should be trading somewhere in the range of $2500-$3000 per ounce. That is about twice what is currently being asked at precious metal brokerage firms.

In 2001 you could buy an ounce of gold for $280. Today, less than a decade later, you need to shell out well over five times that amount. If the banksters weren't keeping the price artificially depressed you'd have to spend ten times what you would have before the government attacked the Pentagon and World Trade Center. It's very simple -- gold hasn't changed in real-world value, our money has. As a direct result of the fraud perpetrated by the banksters. No one knows the exact figure of how much money was created out of thin air and used to buy everything in sight, but economists generally agree that the number lies in the quadrillion dollar range.

The globalists and their bankster minions literally created more money than any and every single single physical asset on the planet is worth. There is more money, really just digital data bouncing back and forth between the big banks, than you would need to purchase every home, factory, parcel land, oil well, gold mine and retail store on the entire planet Earth.

The only reason why we are not yet seeing runaway, 1930's Germany style inflation is because they are manipulating the markets to keep inflation under control. The only reason they are doing that is because they are still trying to put in place the last pieces of their global command-and-control police state. If and when those goals are accomplished, they will yank the plug out of the drain, inflation will instantly rise in meteoric fashion, and we will all be fighting each other in the streets for the last loaves of bread in the grocery stores.

That's why gold is the key to protecting yourselves and your families and friends. It has intrinsic value and always will. No matter how crazy I sound now, the future events of which I write are inevitable if the globalists are allowed free reign to implement their plans. It's openly discussed in the media -- just load Drudge each morning and you don't even really need to read every line of every article. Just the articles' titles should be enough to scare the solid waste out of you. We're almost out of time.

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