Friday, July 2, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

Unemployment Rate Drops as More Lose Their Jobs

Here is an example of how the government-media propaganda machine works. Last month's official unemployment figure was 9.7%, though the real number including underemployment is somewhere between 22-24%. This month, hooray, Soetoro will tell you, it's dropped to only 9.5%. What wonderful progress! Barry's policies really are starting to work!

Until you read past the headlines in the bought off newspapers, that is. Even though there were 125,000 fewer people working in June, the unemployment number, according to the government, managed to drop by two tenths of one percent. How does this happen? Because their official figure, in order to paint a rosier picture for the average, idiot American, factors out people who have given up looking for work. 652,000 people gave up the job hunt last month so, according to Soetoro and his gang, they don't count as unemployed.

Circular logic again. Every single thing coming out of this administration and a vast majority of what is told to you by the media is a complete lie or an obfuscation. There are 125,000 less people working and well over half a million more have given up, but the government tells you that unemployment has dropped. We truly are living in an Alice In Wonderland type world.

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