Friday, July 2, 2010

Miami Ice

80% Chance of Oil at Miami By August

The government says that there is an 80% chance of the oil/toxic Corexit slurry reaching Miami in six short weeks, by the middle of August. This will certainly put their vibrant tourism industry, vital to the local economy, on ice. Soetoro and the globalists must be marveling at just how well their operation in the Gulf is going. The American people by and large have been so dumbed down that there are no protests to speak of.

So silent have been the citizens of the Gulf, at least as far as the rest of us can tell from the controlled media, that Barry has moved on from his deep concern over the Gulf disaster to trying to get amnesty for criminal illegal aliens passed before the November election, in order to avoid the inevitable Republican capture of control of the House, and possibly also the Senate.

Perhaps it will take until November or December, when the oil and Corexit make their way up the East Coast and start impacting Virginia and D.C. and Massachusetts for the media to really start putting pressure on the administration. Because it will get there as long as Soetoro is able to keep the oil flowing and prevent any cleanup. It will get there, then it will make its way across the Atlantic and start to affect Europe. The Europeans should be screaming and demanding that Barry do everything in his power to stop the oil geyser before enough escapes the detonated wellhead to reach their shores in any meaningful concentration.

How long will it be before people march on D.C.? I'm starting to lose hope in the American people. Too many years of poisoned water and food, government controlled education and media, too many distractions like tweeting and video games. This slow death, for a patriot, is far more painful than if they'd just go ahead and get it over with.

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