Thursday, July 1, 2010


U.N.: Drop the Dollar

These are truly the last days of the American dollar, as I've been warning. Last week Medvedev was showing off a prototype of the new global currency, this week the U.N. says we must move to the new form of currency the banksters have devised, the Special Drawing Right. I'll explain how this is going to work, but if you don't care to read the details, I'll repeat one more time -- buy gold NOW!

The SDR is the new financial instrument which the big banks will use as their international currency. You and I will not use that system. We will still have dollars, the Chinese will still use Yuan, the Russians will still use roubles, etc. What the SDR will allow the globalists to do is to create an abstraction layer, disconnecting all the current national currencies from each other. This is key to their final destruction of the world economy.

Right now, every currency is interlinked, the most important being our dollar, since it is the one used to buy oil worldwide. The dollar has been gravely damaged but still is the de facto standard for global trade. So every time the dollar rises or falls in value, it affects all other world currencies, and the reverse is true. The Euro affects the dollar affects the yen and on down the line right now. The adoption of SDR will change that.

The globalists want to use SDR amongst the international banks and governments and have all of us keep using the familiar currencies, but no longer will one currency rising or falling cause another to fall or rise. Not unless they want that to happen. Each country will be given its own, fluid value for its own currency against the global SDR, their own personal exchange rate. And it's as simple as that -- with a financial parlor trick each country's currency will be disentangled from the others, giving the globalists much more freedom to manipulate each nation's financial health.

When they want to kill Japan, they'll simply announce an adjustment of Japan's exchange rate versus the SDR. But that will not affect the rest of our currencies as it would if they pulled the plug on the yen today, without SDR being the standard. They already have been using SDR to trade amongst themselves to test the system out, but have not yet applied it to nations, only corporations and banks thus far. But they're getting very close to ending the beta test and having the U.N. vote to adopt SDR as the new world currency.

The ultimate plan, according to their documents, is to split the world into ten zones, each with their own regional currency, to simplify things by reducing the number of different forms of money now in use. They used Europe as the test for that, with the E.U. and the Euro. We will be rolled into a North American zone with Canada and Mexico. This is why you've been hearing about NAFTA, CAFTA, superhighways going north out of Mexico, through the U.S. and into Canada, and the rumors of an "Amero" currency. It will happen unless we stop it.

They will likely not go to the zoned plan immediately after the adoption of SDR as the new global currency. That would be too confusing for the globalists' corporate cronies. They'll need a couple years at the very least to figure out how the system will work in the real world. But they are planning to remove our northern and southern borders. Just remember back one week when Soetoro told Senator Kyl of Arizona that he was leaving the border with Mexico open on purpose.

If the banksters are able to decouple the dollar from other world currencies, they plan to take the United States out as one of their first victims, perhaps the very first. Because with the exception of Switzerland because of their law, and Africa and the Middle East because of their lawlessness, we are the only country left whose citizens own guns in any numbers. There are more guns in private hands in America than there are people, and an armed populous is literally the elite's worst nightmare. I don't plan to give up my dollar to a North American currency, and I don't intend to surrender my weapons.

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