Wednesday, June 30, 2010


National Debt Now Highest Since WWII

Economists now say that our debt and the deficit spending which Soetoro continues to increase make it literally impossible to pay off our national debt without devaluing the dollar. Here's the entire bankster scheme in a nutshell, this is how they work, and how they broke other countries in the past and are in the final stages of breaking us now:

It all started in 1913, when the wretched Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act, and illegal bill passed by Congress which went against the Constitution by giving away control of the issue issuance of currency to a private organization. The federal government has only three responsibilities according to that document -- national defense, the issuance of currency and protecting our God-given rights. The Federal Reserve was named to give it the appearance of being controlled by the government, but soon after that act was passed and signed, the Fed began to control the government.

The one key element of the bankster scam is fractional reserve currency. This policy was designed by the big banks specifically to allow them to do what they have for almost a century now -- use your money to bankrupt people, companies and entire countries, then use it again to buy their assets at fire sale prices. Under the fractional reserve system, the big banks and financial institutions are allowed to leverage at ten times the amount of dollars which they actually hold in real assets. So, if say Bank of America makes $20 billion in one quarter, and they wish to go out shopping, they can spend $200 billion or more as if they actually had that money.

This is the cornerstone of the scam. You or I, if we showed up at Best Buy and demanded that the store sell us a $3000 LED-backlit HDTV for $300 would be laughed out of the store. But the big six banks that are the cornerstone of the Federal Reserve are allowed to do just that, under the rules that they themselves wrote. It's quite literally unbelievable that they could get away this for so long and have the public be unaware, but I didn't even become aware of the scope of their fraud until a couple of years ago.

So what they do is take the money that you give them, your checking accounts, savings, IRAs, retirement accounts, mutual funds and all the rest, and they use their fractional reserve rules as a force multiplier, and go out and snap up struggling banks and corporations. And the globalists have expanded their model to destroy entire countries. Ever since the support group for dictators known as the U.N. was invented, they have been using the International Monetary Fund to take down entire nations. What they do in those cases, such as in Bolivia, Greece and nearly all the African nations, is to loan money under the guise of humanitarian purposes, but with interest rates high enough that the principles can never be paid off.

The interest and thus the debt to the banksters keeps piling up, and eventually the countries declare bankruptcy. Then the banks go in and buy up the natural resources, manufacturing assets, the banks of those countries, whatever they wish for pennies on the dollar. Actually, tenths of pennies, since they use fractional reserve money to do that as well. Greece is selling its islands, for God's sake, some of the places mentioned in the great ancient literature of the Greeks. For them that has to be as painful as it would be for Americans if we were forced to sell the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone.

They tried to do it to Iceland, and almost got away with it, but the people stood up and said no, we will not pay back the debt that you created in our system. That must happen here, but it won't unless more people are made aware of how the criminal banking cartel works. We've seen examples since Soetoro came into office of their system at work here in America already. Remember the whole Bear-Stearns affair, where J.P. Morgan-Chase broke the back of one of their fiercest rival institutions, then, along with others bought up all of Bear's assets? They "rescued" Bear for $236 million and received the entirety of the company's assets. The Bear-Stearns 45-story office tower alone is worth over $1.2 billion, just the building and the land it sits on, not counting the rest of what used to be one of the top three brokerage houses in the country.

That is the bankster system. Create money that does not exist, wait for a company or a country that they want to fail (or, if necessary cause it to fail) then buy the assets for a tiny fraction of what they are worth. And it's happening to us on a personal level. The debt that Soetoro is continuing to snowball will result in massive inflation in coming years, and your dollars will continue to drop in purchasing power. Then, when you reach the point that you can no longer pay for your second car, they'll take that from you. Then your primary ride, then your house.

And think about this -- when you no longer earn enough to feed your children, Child Protective Services will investigate you then take your children away. This is all in the globalists' own documents, out in the open. They want to ultimately have all children in government camps, as John P. Holdren wrote, Soetoro's Science Czar, where the government will educate them and you will have no contact. Under their plan, we are the last generation who will have been educated under a semi-autonomous system, the last who will have any idea what freedom means, the last to enjoy any freedom. That's why it's so important that we wake others up now and take action against the globalists and their puppets in the government.

If the government can engineer conditions in America to the point where they actually do get all children into their camps, it's over. They will be brainwashed to love and serve the government, they will not be taught history, they will have no idea that there is a world outside of their camp. This all sounds crazy, and it is astonishing, but the elite actually write about their plans, knowing that 99% of people won't bother to look up the documents available online or in libraries and actually read them. They're hiding in plain sight. And laughing at all the lazy slaves who they've dumbed down and made servile with their poison water and food. Time to make them fear us, for once is what I say. And they are beginning to lose their air of invulnerability. Can we push back in time? I don't know. I honestly do not know the answer.

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