Monday, June 28, 2010

Canadian Fakin'

Widespread Police Misconduct During G20 Summit

Yes, the Toronto police and the other, outside "law enforcement" agents present at G20 made up any fake excuse to terrorize and beat the loyal citizens of Canada who showed up to protest the group of criminal politicians meeting in their country. The globalists do not like unpleasantness such as protests, it makes for ugly TV. Go to Youtube and you can find hundreds of videos of police dressed in black uniforms, hiding behind riot shields in a display of cowardice, beating up men, women and children indiscriminately, usually for having done nothing besides shout insults, or, in one instance, spontaneously starting to sing their national anthem.

Tear gas rubber bullets, hardened batons, it was all there, and it already is here as well. No, dissent is not tolerated by the globalists, so they use their armies of dumbed-down thugs on power trips to intimidate people from showing up to protest, and those who are brave enough to stand up against tyranny are beaten up and locked in jail to teach them a lesson that they should stay home and be good slaves next time the circus comes to town. Congratulations to the Canadians, usually stereotyped as laid back and spineless, for doing an excellent job of demonstrating for the media and for Youtube viewers that police are used against the citizens these days, not to help them.

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