Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Capitol Cronyism

Eric Holder Ordered Case Against Black Panthers Dropped

Our verminous president Barry appointed one of his closest friends, the equally detestable Eric Holder, Attorney General and that rat has not failed to please his boss. This wiry, wily man was the one in charge of pardoning the laundry list of criminals that Slick Willy wanted free and clear. He was the one who signed off on pardons for the FARC terrorists and the fugitive scam artist Mark Rich (after Rich's wife gave Clinton a generous donation, of course).

The media except for Fox did a good job in November of 2008 not reporting on the voter intimidation perpetrated by the Black Panthers in Philadelphia, where the wonderful "civil rights activists" menaced white voters outside of polling station with assorted weapons, a very serious crime. "Minister King Samir Shabazz, Malik Zulu Shabazz and Jerry Jackson" were charged appropriately, video exists of the incident, and the case was, in the words of one of the Justice Department lawyers who tried to bring it to trial, open and shut. Jerry needs to get to work on creating a ridiculous-sounding fake Muslim name to match his friends...

Then all of a sudden word came down from on high to drop the case without explanation. It has now been revealed that this came all the way from Holder, who undoubtedly either was under Soetoro's direct order, or who informed Barry of his intent. Just another example of the reverse racism that is rampant in the country. Black people cannot commit a crime these days, it seems, especially if they are "activists," and especially when they're working for Obama. If the Klan or some other racist white organization tried to intimidate black voters we'd still be hearing about it a year and a half later.

But the ignorant Black Panthers don't realize that they are not "Obama's" friends. "Obama" has used them and will throw them away when the time arrives. Every single citizen in this country who is not in the highest levels of the globalists' elite power structure are in the same boat -- we are, as they like to call us, "useless eaters." King Malik would be well advised to change his name back to Percy Givens or whatever his Christian parents named him, drop the racism, and try to educate himself, if he can read, before he and his family are killed or enslaved by "Obama" and the globalists.

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