Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Embarrassment of Enrichment

Iran Has Sufficient HEU for Two Nukes

The small, unqualified director of the CIA, Leon Pancetta, has told the media that Iran already has enough highly enriched Uranium for two nuclear bombs. Why has he just announced this, after the last year and a half of Soetoro's people saying they wouldn't have enough for one bomb for 2-5 years? Because we are getting ready to start a war with Iran, in order to start World War III. Alex Jones believes that the Gulf oil disaster is a head fake, a distraction to keep the media and the peoples' eyes off of the buildup of this new war. I think it serves many purposes, primarily those I've written about these last weeks, but that it serving as a smokescreen would be a very handy bonus for the globalists.

Iran's Shahab series of missiles are already capable of hitting Israel and all of our allies in Europe, thus obviously able to strike our bases in those countries. They can hit our bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their Shahab-3 has a range of 1200 miles and has MIRV capability for hitting multiple targets with one missile. They are feverishly working on final development and testing of Shahab-4, which is an ICBM, allegedly for the peaceful purpose of launching satellites into orbit. This is the same excuse Russia and America used in the '50s when they developed their own ICBMs -- yes, to put satellites in orbit but mainly to strike each other. The -3 series is an MRBM, so not able to strike the United States directly from within Iranian borders. But they may be able to modify a large ship to launch one of the -3s, park it a few hundred miles out at sea from D.C., New York, Los Angeles, or wherever they'd like and to hit us that way.

They have their delivery system perfected, they have at least enough HEU for two bombs, according to Pancetta, and they have repeated over and over their desire to destroy Israel. And Ahmadenijad has stated that he is willing to sacrifice half of the population of Iran to do just that. There is no way to know if what Leon said is true -- nearly everything that comes from Soetoro and his people is either an outright lie or a distortion. But it seems clear that they are trying to get America both psychologically ready and supportive of a new war against the Little Hitler. And when that happens, oil will go above $200 a barrel instantly, gas will cost $9 a gallon, and the economy in this country will wither even more quickly than it already is. All by design.

There is absolutely no reason why Israel or the United States should not send a cruise missile to blow that tiny bastard up the next time he makes an outdoor address in Iran. He is a criminal -- there are photos of him as a young man participating in the 1979 embassy siege that resulted in the whole Mr. Peanut vs. Iran hostage crisis. But there is a reason -- the globalists want this war, and contrary to what people like Mike Rivero think, the Jews do not control everything, and they are not not the root of all evil in the world. The elite control everything, and of course some of them are Jewish, but that's not the fulcrum of power. Israel, like America, has politicians installed at the highest levels by the banksters and their controllers.

I grew up in the '80s fearing nuclear war with the soviet Union. After their empire fell apart I spent the next ten years thinking almost nothing of the possibility of a global, atomic war. Now there once again is that very real fear, and we must prepare ourselves, both mentally and in terms of real-world preparation, buying guns and ammo, storable food, precious metals, water filtration systems and everything else we'd need to live for years with no organized society left to fill the grocery stores with food and the pharmacy with supplies.

And if our enemies decide to EMP attack us, it's over in the blink of an eye. The entire country destroyed without the possibility of it ever coming back. If you think movies like "The Road" and "The Book of Eli" are simple, random entertainment you are mistaken. They are predictive programming to numb people, to get them ready to accept what the globalists have planned. Those are what our future will look like if the elite are able to implement their final plan. They will be living in luxury in lavishly decorated underground bunkers, or in open-air chalets in an area of the world that they know from computer simulation will not receive the clouds of radioactive fallout. They'll have clean water and food and all the little boys and girls they care to rape, torture and murder.

And we'll be left to fend for ourselves in a Mad Max style, devastated wasteland. We can stop it if we can inform enough people in a short amount of time, vote real patriots into office and demand that the banksters be investigated, put on trial and jailed or executed for their crimes. It's them or us.

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  1. Iran is not building a nuclear bomb. why should we believe a proven lier like . Leon Pancetta anyway.