Sunday, June 27, 2010

Double Down

Listening to a scientist on Coast-to-Coast A.M. minutes ago I learned more bad news -- oil breaks down into methane. So you have three sources of this flammable, poison gas: the natural gas spewing out of the well in mixture with the oil, the methane that Corexit creates when it mixes with the oil, and the natural breakdown of oil in the environment into methane and other smaller compounds.

This maybe Barry Soetoro's trump card in his push for a carbon tax. He's already announced he will use the Gulf disaster to do just that. Watch for him to suddenly discover this new danger. Because, as a greenhouse gas, methane is hundreds of times more potent in contributing to global warming than is harmless CO2. Watch for one of Soetoro's advisers or czars to begin creating a new, fake panic about global warming starting to accelerate in the near future because of all the methane being released into the atmosphere from below the sea.

It's perfect for the globalists, thing entire operation. Not only do they destroy the short term economy in the Gulf, they get to take away peoples' futures in the fishing industry and possibly oil industry, they get to poison and kill people, cause birth defects and all the rest with their Corexit poison, and now they can use the false religion of global warming to finally get their carbon tax through the criminal Congress.

The carbon tax, to the globalists, is what "health care" was to Soetoro -- their ultimate dream bill. Because it will literally give the government the authority to control every aspect of your life, and even you yourself, since you emit the deadly gas, carbon dioxide. Every day it seems I stumble upon yet another facet of the Gulf disaster that makes it seem like the perfect storm for the elite. So much damage to the country from one single, controlled demolition of an oil rig. Incredible.

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