Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The North Bitch Diet

Elena Kagan, Mrs. Toad, tried to hem and haw her way out of answering a hypothetical question about the government's power to tell people what they must eat. The question was designed as a test on her position should the SoetoroCare monstrosity bill work its way up to the Supreme Court after the state attorneys general file the suits they have been planning in federal courts. Because that bill compels citizens to purchase a service, the first time in American history that the government has forced every single citizen to purchase a product or service. It is blatantly unconstitutional, but the Demoncats used the excuse of the Commerce Clause as justification. That perversion is another matter entirely, how that clause has been expanded and twisted far beyond anything those who wrote it intended.

A very clever question, indeed, and Mrs. Toad couldn't really answer for herself. Nevertheless, from what she did and did not say it is clear that she would vote to uphold the health scare deform bill as constitutional. Neither I nor the Republicans nor any moderate Democrats with any sort of conscience need hear anything further from this porcine creature from hell. The true conservative wing of the Republican caucus in the Senate must agree to filibuster Mrs. Toad. She is young and robust enough to live for 40 years or more, injecting her amphibian poison into the constitution and Bill of Rights to paralyze then kill them entirely.

And do you really want Mrs. Kagan telling you what to eat? From the looks of her she shops in the snack food isle of her corner gas station, not at Whole Foods. My God, woman, put the Ding Dongs back on the shelf. Or, on the other hand yes, please continue stuffing your hole with junk food -- maybe then you'll only last for 20 or years. Yes, that's a better idea. What's your address? I'll send you a pallet of Twinkies or Ho-Hos. Yes, Ho-Hos would be appropriate.

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