Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well, Hurricane Alex is not headed for a direct strike on the site of BP's oil geyser. But all is not lost for the globalists. BP stated yesterday that the maximum wave swells their ships could handle is 8 feet. Even though the eye of the storm will remain hundreds of miles away from the well site, meteorologists are saying that there is a good possibility that waves of that height or greater will reach the "cleanup" effort's area.

If that happens, BP says it will have to dismantle the entire "containment" apparatus, leaving the well entirely uncapped, and move all their ships (along with the private ships they have under contract) to safe harbor, and that it will take 14 days to move the ships back and rebuild the "containment," should 8-foot waves indeed reach them.

Even if Alex doesn't give them the excuse they need to leave the well free-flowing for two weeks they'll get their chance this summer. There are always one or two strong hurricanes that track right through the site of the oil gusher. They really did do their homework in picking a perfect site to drill a super deep well with substandard well design and safety equipment. The people responsible for this, in BP, in our government as well as the elite who ordered the operation must all be identified, tried in court and executed if found guilty of sufficient crimes. The Gulf is already dead for years to come, it's just that the people down there don't know it yet.

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