Monday, June 28, 2010


Proposed Bill Gives Obama Power To Shut Off Internet For Four Months

The idiots and criminals in the Senate Homeland Insecurity committee have given their rubber stamp to Soetoro and approved the so-called Cybersecurity Act for a vote by the full Senate. I've told you about this before -- it has nothing whatsoever to do with security, cyber or otherwise. It is designed to do two things: track and store literally everything you do online using giant NSA computer farms across the country (including one here in San Antonio), and let Barry cut off the entire Internet whenever the globalists order him to.

It's quite literally the beginning of the end of free speech. And more than that. Imagine the damage to the economy that having no internet would cause. The millions of dollars, if not billions in lost productivity when people can no longer communicate with email, Blackberries, can no longer video-conference or use Skype to talk to colleagues at work. That will be just a small bonus when they do shut off the 'net. The real reason this is being done is to teach you how to shut up and like it.

What will happen in the months after the morons in the Senate pass this (and it enjoys widespread Republican support) is that the CIA, errr "Al-Qaeda" or "Chinese hackers" will carry out false-flag cyberattacks on large companies like Google or Microsoft, or maybe a shopping site like Amazon, or attack our ridiculously vulnerable power grid and shut down power for a few days in a large swath of the country. Soetoro will then give a speech condemning the terrorists and order the Internet shut off for however long he's told. This beta test will probably only be for a few days. When the media start really getting angry at him, because without the Internet there would be no news dissemination anymore, Barry will magnanimously turn it back on.

It will be a test to see how long people will take it before protests and riots begin. The article I linked to above admits that Soetoro can leave it off for at least four months. But there is no such restriction in the text of the bill. And if the fake conservatives in Congress demand that a time limit be written into the bill, that doesn't matter. Because thanks to George "Nukeyoular" Bush, the president now has the power to declare a state of emergency for literally any reason, then martial law can declared by him and congress and all the laws of the nation are suspended. Instant, full dictatorial powers will be placed in Barry's hands.

You've seen what he's done to our country with the somewhat limited power he enjoys, along with bought-and-sold Demoncat majorities in both houses of Congress and the disgusting lapdog media. Imagine what he would do if such a scenario were to play out. He'd do what the globalists order him to do first, and then they'll let him loose to do anything he personally would like, as long as it doesn't interfere with their plans.

Don't think it can't or won't happen here. We are hanging onto what's left of freedom by the slimmest of margins. Shut off the internet and they remove the most important tool that patriots use to inform and keep in contact with each other, to gather news and try to warn others. That would be a major victory for the elite, if their beta test goes well. If you enjoy using the Internet, please consider taking a few minutes to email your Senators and Irrepresentatives.

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