Friday, July 2, 2010


Democrats "Deem" Budget to Have Been Passed, Go On Vacation

They've done it again, but this time the illegality is even more egregious. Back during the health scare deform debates, the House un-voted on one of the many compromise measures not by voting, but by "deeming" that the thing had already been passed. The logic is worse than circular, it requires a whole new dimension; it was spherical. Something that requires, by law, a straight yes or no vote they managed to accomplish by simply stating that it had already been voted on and passed, even though no such vote ever took place. That was one of the many illegal things done during the cram-down of SoetoroCare, besides Barry literally buying votes and all the rest.

So now the House has done it again, this time regarding one of Congress' most important tasks each year -- the passage of a budget. This coming fiscal year, right now, will have marked the first time in the nation's history that the government will operate without a budget. Nancy Pelosi is perhaps the most dangerous woman in the world, perhaps in world history. She is also, in my opinion, clinically insane. New medical studies have found that botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, affects the brain in a detrimental fashion. There is a reason that Mark Levin calls Pelosi "Stretch." She uses Botox injections on a regular basis.

So now we have a Congress which has shirked one of its most basic duties. Or, I should say, we have a Deemocrat party which has. Not a single Republican, not even the despicable faker Gao, voted to "deem" the budget passed. Nancy Pelosi must be impeached, put on trial for treason and given the correct punishment, that is if she can convince her court-appointed psychiatrist that she is mentally fit enough to answer for her crimes.

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