Monday, June 28, 2010

Red Tide

FBI Arrests 10 Russian Spies in America

Yes, the Cold War is over, but the spy games aren't. Every few years we get a big bust of the Chinese, the Israelis or the Russians whose agents have infiltrated our nation and placed themselves in sensitive or important positions. Usually they have sought and gained positions in the military or intelligence community. These were playing a different game -- their mission was to gain influential positions in order to influence policy.

The liberal vermin have rewritten history and demonized Joseph McCarthy. But he was right after all, and this is borne out in declassified government documents that you can easily find with a search engine. There was a massive infiltration of our government by Communist operatives, many of whom became Democrat Senators and Irrepresentatives. They did have a strong influence on policy, starting after World War II and they still enjoy a strong presence today. Whether or not Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Feinstein, Boxer and all the rest of the evil trash in Congress are actual, paid agents of Russia or any other foreign nation nation is irrelevant, except when they're brought to trial. But their philosophy is precisely aligned with the wishes of the Communists in Russia and China.

The FBI is the one law enforcement agency which I have any faith left it. It seems that there are still some patriots left in their ranks, and that they are not completely controlled by the Soetoro administration. Good job by the FBI. Now if only they would put some resources into investigating the rat bum who masquerades as "Barack Obama..."

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