Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Than Meets the Eye

Pentagon Develops Morphing Robot

In the latest example of old predictive programming having its subject matter appear in the real world, the Pentagon has working technology to create robots which shape-shift. Everyone remembers the Transformers cartoons from the '80s, and if you're old enough you might even remember the Go-Bots. All the boys loved to play with the toys, changing aircraft, cars and trucks into humanoid robot characters with a few sequenced twists and flips of the toys' parts. It's all part of the acclimatization process the globalists use to keep people docile when their new technologies are unveiled.

This little test robot for public show is harmless, of course. So we'll get used to their new Transmorphers one step at a time. Next they'll probably unveil surveillance drones that can switch between naval and aircraft configurations, or something like that, and deploy them overseas. Then armed shape-shifting robots to kill people in Afghanistan. Then they'll come here and be used against you. And then the old cartoons from our childhood will not seem so cute.

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