Thursday, July 1, 2010

Florida 411

FL School District Bans Bibles on Religious Freedom Day

In the last 40 years our public school system has been transformed by the Communist liberal rats from an education system to a government indoctrination system. One of the biggest wedges they've used is the removal of the teaching of Christian ethics and morals, all the while promoting atheist thought and demonizing Christians and Jews. So when you see a place like Collier County announce a "religious freedom" day, that means only thing. Allow me to translate: Adopt-a-Muslim Day. Or Bash A Christian Day. Or Kick A Jew Day, which actually happened, as I've written about previously.

This is another example of liberal hypocrisy. If such a district were caught preventing Muslims from handing out copies of the Qur'an or if Wiccans were barred from handing out, I don't know, books of tree poems, the ACLU would fly down there with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in tow, even though they would have no stake in it, just to get their ugly mugs on the TV one more time. It would be a media circus. But since it was Christians who were denied their right to free speech, nothing. A mention in the local paper, picked up by Matt Drudge, without whom the country most likely would never be made aware of the situation.

I'm tired of Christians always turning the other cheek. We have to turn so often that we're spinning around in circles at an ever-increasing pace. I'm dizzy from it. We founded this country, built it into the greatest nation the world has ever known, then welcomed in any and all people of different races, religions and cultures to share in the American dream. And they have abused our hospitality by using our own set of ethics against us. It's high time to plant both feet firmly back on the ground and stop the turning of cheeks.

I have never proselytized and tried to convert anyone else to Christianity. If the people in that school district want to be atheists or witches or Zoroastrians, that's fine. But stop trying to restrict the religious freedom and the free speech of others. It's as if the liberal vermin think that the Bible is radioactive and will hurt them if they get too close to a copy. If they actually took a few weeks to read some of it I think they'd find out it's not so bad after all.

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  1. Its comrade core thats the big thing in school Common core is what they it. I call it comrade core.