Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to Normal

Allen: Skimmers Having Trouble Finding Any Oil

As I told you, the Soetoro administration is rolling out the next phase in my "silent kill" theory. Thad Allen says that the 750 Gulf cleanup boats are really having to search hard for more oil to skim. Everyone knows that oil normally floats on top of water, so the idiot media take this to mean that almost all the oil has been cleaned up already. No. 100% wrong.

If the idiot media had paid attention to what Corexit 9500 is and does, they would know that it chemically combines with crude, making it heavier than water, allowing it to sink beneath the surface of the ocean. I've told you this all along. BP has now admitted to using 40 million gallons of that deadly poison, with dual objectives of directly poisoning the Gulf with the dispersant and sinking the hundreds of millions of gallons of oil they've allowed to leak to depths sufficient to hide the mess from satellites and press cameras.

Allen isn't lying when he says that there is hardly any oil on the surface of the Gulf's waters. But he's probably not even smart enough to have researched Corexit. I don't think he is part of the conspiracy. He's being used as a spokesmouth. BP has been allowed by Soetoro to pump so much Corexit into the sea that they have disappeared the oil. So, with this new tropical storm heading right for the Deepwater Horizon site this weekend, causing a halt to all the "containment" and "cleanup" efforts, the company can pretend that no more oil is coming out of the well (essentially true), that no oil or methane is leaking from other, unseen sites (patently false), and that they have skimmed all the oil into their containment vessels and that everything is back to normal (lie of the milennium).

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