Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Police Brutality

I've posted many outrageous examples of out of control, thug, criminal police doing unbelievable things to innocent citizens. This might be the worst, except that the cops didn't manage to beat or tase this poor man to death like they have so many others. The guy comes home to find his son dead, having committed suicide, call 911, the ambulance shows up, then the cops show up and they beat him senseless. Why? Because he said "don't touch me." What's more they managed to get him charged in criminal court for obstruction. I hope he sues the individual officers who beat him as well as the town and the police department and bankrupts the whole rotten lot of them. But the officers were not even put on leaves of absence.

In the new Amerika, the police are now your Gods, do you understand that? And if you haven't managed to get that into your head, they'll gladly beat it into you. Or worse. The police are increasingly becoming a detriment to society instead of a bulwark of it. I think we'd be better off with no police, just county sheriffs and an armed citizenry to patrol itself. These police departments are institutionally corrupt from the top right on down to pond scum like the "men" who beat up this victim.

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  1. This might be an idea why not make the police prove in court that the citizen was in the wrong