Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hacked Off

This was not the act of some spoiled, teenage script kiddie from America nor of a band of Eastern European cybercriminals. This was the Barry Soetoro administration ordering censorship, plain and simple. The Obama Deception is a dangerous weapon in the hands of patriots which can be used to wake up those who voted for "Barack Obama." But the film doesn't even go into the fact that "Obama" is not his name. All it does is point out the false left/right paradigm and the fact that "Obama," like G.W., is nothing more than a hand puppet of the New World Order.

I told you the government would start censoring free speech, starting with that which is disagreeable to the existing power structure. Well, it's started. It's here. Just days ago, Alex Jones' official Facebook page was deleted. And even before this episode of The Obama Deception being pulled like Building 7, Youtube had repeatedly reset the Views counter so that it would appear that the film was far less popular than it is, and preventing it from appearing in the Top 10 page and other pages suggesting what viewers might like to watch.

This is the beginning of a total crackdown on free speech. Cass Sunstein, one of Soetoro's Czars, has written that he wants such power in government, and, for example, that people who disagree with the myth of anthropomorphic global warming should be arrested. This is 1984 -- it just took the globalists 26 years longer than "Orwell" thought it would.

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