Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gone in 60 Seconds

BP Senior Engineer: Well Has Lost Integrity

I've been writing for weeks that BP's own people admit that the well casing is gone. It probably took less than 60 seconds once the tremendous pressure forced the oil and gas through the blowout preventer and toward the ocean's surface. Now I have the name of the engineer and the date of his testimony:

"Mark Hafle, BP's senior drilling engineer testified to the MMS on May 28, 2010 that the well had lost integrity and that thousands of barrels of mud had been lost down this well during drilling. This meant that the formation integrity had blown out. Reports at the hearings in May also indicated that the LOW positive pressure tests on the day of the blowout on April 20, 2010 had passed but the negative pressure tests had failed, so the well was not properly sealed. This happened within a few hours of the blowout."

The cement-casing structure is compromised. The well had ballooned out and the formation had blown out, long before the blowout occurred.

It means you can not seal this well. Pressure testing will only blow the cement casing structure to pieces, if it is not already gone."

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