Friday, July 23, 2010

Bread Line

Thousands Turned Away At Oklahoma Food Aid Center

You'll see more and more of this as the banksters and their puppet Soetoro continue to nose-dive the American economy. People need to stop using their discretionary money on televisions, fancy clothes and luxury cars and start buying gold, firearms and ammunition, storable food and survival gear. The plan is to starve the poor to death, then use FEMA to eliminate those of us who are currently preparing for what is coming. I've been guilty of allowing myself to be distracted and spend money on stupid things that will be useless in the years to come, but I'm trying to fix that.

It's a mental adjustment, a shift in paradigm. First you have to wrap your mind around the facts, finally believe that yes, the globalists are truly evil, they are sociopaths, they actually enjoy inflicting pain and death on innocent people, and they do want you, "useless eater," dead as soon as is possible. Then you have to make your own plans as to how to protect yourself, your family and friends and your neighbors who cannot bring themselves to face the truth.

Most people are simply not mentally and emotionally capable of facing the truth about the globalists, how their world works and what they are planning. The elite rely on that weakness in the average, good-natured human being. Psychology is key to them, and the ruling families of the world have spent decades studying the human mind. They know that nine out of ten people simply refuse to believe that their infinite evil is even possible, let alone real, let alone in the here and now, let alone a danger to us all.

The country is dying, the world is devolving into a moirass of poverty, conflict, disease and death. We are being poisoned every day through our food, water, air and the products we purchase. Fertility is down, the rates of cancer and other diseases are through the roof, and it is not by accident but by design. Very soon the rest of the people will see how wrong they've been in their reflexive denial, but by then it will be too late for them to save themselves and their families. They will need to actually be incarcerated in FEMA camps or facing their last second of life staring down the barrel of a S.W.A.T. team assault rifle before they realize the horrible truth. The Illuminists know that the average person is weak this regard and has been weakened even further by the elite's use of poisons and media programming. The tiny fraction of the population like we who can face up to them have a responsibility to break through those mental barriers of those around us. It's an almost sacred duty to at least try. I don't plan to stand in any bread line hoping not to starve to death.

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