Friday, July 23, 2010

Deaf, Blind and Dumb

BP Pulls Vessels, ROVs From Gulf Ahead of T.S. Bonnie

What a perfect storm for BP and the banksters! Tropical Storm Bonnie passed through Florida and is now in the Gulf of Mexico, currently a Tropical Depression but expected soon to strengthen again into a Storm, fueled by the warm Gulf water. I'm not saying that the globalists used HAARP or their other scalar weather weapons to steer the storm, that's impossible for us to know. But Bonnie appears to be headed straight for the bullseye of BP's Macondo well, the site of the late Deepwater Horizon.

Almost all of the ROV feeds are already offline, only four remaining active on BP's spill response web page. Soon all will be offline and who knows if they'll ever be turned back on? It is in the interest of BP, Barry, and the banksters to keep as much information as possible away from the public. Whatever Bonnie ends up doing, whether it is strong enough to sweep masses of oil and methane clouds far into Louisiana or Texas, we cannot know yet. But what it already has done is throw another monkey wrench into the "efforts" to stop the flow out of that enormous petroleum cavern, and BP says it will take 12 days for their operations to return to normal in the Gulf. So, for at least a week we will be kept fully deaf, blind and dumb regarding the status in the region, and that's the way BP loves it.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect description of the national security agency and home land security