Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Tan Klan

Mexican Woman: "You Are Too White To Be An American

Listen to this fat, criminal, illegal troll spouting the racism she claims that white people exhibit.

"Go back to Germany!" "Go back to Europe!" "This is America!" "This is America, you're right, you don't belong here!" "This nation belongs to Mexico!" "You're white, go back to Europe, Nazis!" "You're too white to be American!"

This vermin has gotten fat off of our land. She should be immediately deported and her assets seized. But "groups" like this, the so-called Brown Berets, are supported by the racist usurper Barry Soetoro. They are cultivated, nurtured, even funded by the government to stir up racial tension. I don't know if there are more Brown Berets than these two losers armed with a megaphone and a disposable camera, but these cancer cells should be investigated by the Justice Department and prosecuted for their crimes under the government's new hate crimes legislation. But they will never be, because only white people can commit hate crimes. All minority groups are, de facto, immune to such charges.

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