Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Graham Cracker

Panel Votes to Move Kagan to Full Senate Vote

This is no surprise, that Ms. Toad was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee to go up for a full vote by the Senate, after which she will receive a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. I only now realized that I have been in error calling her Mrs. Toad -- she's a lesbian, so from now on I shall endeavor to remember to call her Ms. I don't care that's she's a lesbian if she would leave her orientation in the changing room and not let that "lifestyle choice" affect her behavior once she dons the ominous black robe of the Supremes, but we all know that not only will she try to remain impartial, she is in fact a judicial activist. She will push the homosexual agenda instead of ruling based on the Constitution and the body of law and prior Supreme court decisions which is supposed to be the way it's done.

And guess who the only Republican who voted yes was? That's right, Lindsey Graham. This curious creature is constantly undermining the party he allegedly represents. I have no idea why the good people of North Carolina continue to elect him -- hopefully they will realize their error and vote him out when they have the chance. And lest you think I'm talking like "King Malik Shabazz" and and calling him a Graham cracker because he's he's a white southerner, I'm not. I'm calling him that because he has about as much steel in his spine as does a soggy graham cracker.

But let's be honest -- the real reasons he voted for her are twofold, and they are the same reasons why he threw her softball questions during her confirmation show hearings. Remember "Where were you on Christmas day?" First, he knows there is a high likelihood that he will be voted out of office, he is a lawyer, and he may appear before the Court as in that capacity in the future, and it's always nice to have a friend wearing one of those nine black robes. Second, it is widely believe, if not confirmed, in D.C. that Graham is also homosexual, and that this is why unknown persons were able to get him to switch his vote on the health scare deform bill.

I believe Graham voted in favor of her because he wants a fellow homosexual on the Court. But he knows that she didn't need his vote in the Committee to advance her to a full bote, nor will she need his vote then. Unless the jellyfish-like Republicans man up and filibuster Ms. Toad she will roll onto the Supreme Court. So why did Lindsey vote this way? To buddy up to her, yes, but maybe as a thinly-disguised middle finger stuck up in front of his constituents. It's time to remove all these fake conservatives who have tainted the Republican party and replace them with nationalist, constituionalist, originalist Tea Party types. We only have once chance, and if we fail in November the country is finished. I do enjoy a tasty graham cracker, but not when it is helping to destroy our republic.

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