Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Experimental Cap May Be Weakening Oil Containment

Integrity: BP has none and neither does their well. Thad Allen said today that there are no less than five leaks in and around the well, one of which he says is unrelated. Of course he still is not talking about the massive leak I discovered and captured on video Saturday night, if he even knows about it. BP pulled the video feed from their Boa Deep C #2 ROV after only a couple of minutes, and there are no archives available from the company, so unless you were watching the feed live and able to record it, you'd never know about that leak.

There is a dynamic which has developed between BP and the government, whose point man is Admiral Allen. It's a tension -- BP wants to limit the amount of oil they can claim to have "accidentally" released because there is a law, written after the Exxon Valdez fiasco, which enables the government to fine a company $4,300 for every barrel of oil released. It's up in the air whether Soetoro will use the law to punish BP, since they were one of his biggest campaign contributors, as was Goldman-Sachs, which owns a large stake in BP. So Allen is trying to make sure the entire seabed around their well doesn't rupture and release the entire petroleum deposit, and BP is trying to keep their cap closed so that they're not liable for millions of more barrels being released into the ocean if they opened the cap to relieve the pressure, as the government wishes them to do.

This company is a criminal organization at this point in the Gulf oil disaster, and I'm not even talking about the probable fact that they blew their own well in order to usher in the carbon tax they've been pushing, and from which they would make billions. They are concerned only about their bottom line and care not a whit about the environment or the American people. They want the disaster to be as bad as possible so that Pelosi and Reid have as much of a mandate as possible to pass crap-and-trade. BP's management should be extradited from England to the United States, tried under RICO statutes and the entire company should be seized and their assets auctioned off to American oil companies. Only by punishment such as that can we discourage other companies from similar brazen actions and inaction in the future.

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