Thursday, July 22, 2010

Invert for the Perverts

Simple Photoshop Filter Turns Naked Body Scanner Images Into Detailed, Recognizable Images

This is an old article from January, but I'm just now getting around to it since they've announced the installation of a cancer-causing, high-resolution, image-storing naked body scanner at San Antonio International Airport before the end of the year. The manufacturers of the two models ordered by the government say that you cannot see the intimate details of an individual's scan, and even if you could see the nether regions, you could never recognize their face from the scans.

I haven't embedded the image because it is not safe for work nor around family. But take a look inside the article. You can try it yourself -- just download a naked body scanner image, go into Photoshop or any other image editor and choose the Invert filter. Are you telling me that you couldn't recognize this woman if she walked past you in the airport? And this is an inversion of a low-resolution copy of the original image printed in the German newspaper Bild, where evidently nude pictures are OK to print. The real body scanner images have a resolution reportedly so great that you can see individual skin pores.

Still want to take that international flight?


  1. Your photoshop picture has been proven bogus (many times). For a real picture from a Rapiscan 1000 look at the appendix at the end of this document submitted to DHS by EPIC.ORG