Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out of Sight

This is actually a very good report from Keith Olbermann for once. I'm surprised. Of course he manages to get in a couple of jabs at the Republicans, whom he calls the G.O.BP, but a very solid story. MSNBC is putting out the information that I have been -- that Corexit is deadly poisonous, that it is not as effective as other, much less toxic dispersants, that dispersant is being used only to sink the oil and get it away from cameras and spying eyes, and that BP is endangering their cleanup workers by refusing to allow them respirators.

BP is denying the workers respirators because doing so would be a de facto admission, later admissible in court, that their Corexit is indeed a poison and a direct danger to human and other life. Keith Olbermann, despite the fact that he has no ratings, is a very fiery and passionate speaker. If he could manage to extricate himself from the bogus Republican vs. Democrat game the globalists have been playing with our government, and maybe read and watch Alex Jones' information, he could direct his attacks away from the puppets and train them on the masters. If one of the "big" MSLSD hosts managed to break through the barriers of knowledge and discover the truth of who runs this world, perhaps the insane "Obama" voters would stop fighting conservatives and Americans would unit to take our country back.

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