Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Cleanup of BP Oil Spill Will Damage Gulf

There it is. In classical Alinsky style, accuse the enemy of that which you wish to do, then proceed to do it, finally blaming your opponent for your own transgressions. So the media report that it is not the BP oil "spill," in truth a terrorist action, which will harm the Gulf. No, it is the cleanup effort that is the threat to the environment. Behold:

"...the more you bring in these big machines, the more you bring in inexperienced people and the more sand berms you build, the less chance you have of letting Mother Nature and skimmers and booms do the job," said Mike Brewer of Buras, La., who ran an oil spill response company and is working on the BP cleanup."

The submoron environmentalist wacko libs are so deranged that they know not what poses the real threat.

"The whole entire area in the past two weeks has been completely crisscrossed by tire tracks. The entire cleanup there has been entirely sickening," Wheelan said recently of East Grand Terre. "There are tire tracks from the low tide line all the way up into the dune vegetation. Not an inch of that frontal beach has been spared from traffic."

Oh my God -- RED ALERT: Tire tracks have been spotted!!! Alert FEMA immediately! Alert Barry Soetoro on whichever golf course he currently is teeing off on. Alert the U.N.!

Tire tracks have been seen, having been left by vehicles belonging to anonymous, terroristic foreign powers who have been attempting to clean up our beaches.

Let's close this amusement park with a bit of truth. BP caused Deepwater Horizon to explode. BP and Barry Soetoro have been doing everything in their unlimited, fiat powers to prevent any sort of capping of the well or cleanup of the Gulf waters and shores. But you have the controlled media and their LSD-consuming followers trying to spin the story to postulate that it we evil capitalists, with our carbon-emitting engines in our cleanup vessels, who are the ones polluting the Gulf of Mexico.

It's time to close this amusement park. Enough of the lies. Prove to me how much a "tire track" damages an estuary or a breeding ground for fishes, and I'll raise you a Queen of HEPA filters to your deuce of Sewers. Game over.

The cleanup will not damage the Gulf, with all of its apocalyptic 4-cycle engines. The Gulf is dead because of BP, because of Barry Soetoro, and because of the globalists who give both their orders. Grow up and face the truth.

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