Thursday, July 22, 2010

Charles in Charges

Rangel to Face House Trial on Ethics Charges

At first when I read that Charlie Rangel was actually going to face a trial for his alleged ethics violations, I literally couldn't believe it. Why would the Dimocrats endanger one of their own while they still hold the reins of power in both houses of Congress? Then I understood. First, Nancy Lugosi promised that hers would be the most ethical House in American history. She was going to be the Roto-Rooter of Washington D.C. and clean out all the corruption and racketeering. Then, reading the MSNBC article, I was made aware that Rangel is 79 years old.

Nancy doesn't want a repeat in her clean, ethical House of what just happened in Reid's Senate -- the untimely death of an ancient, rotten member just short of an important vote. I believe this is nothing more than Lugosi pushing a damaged Congressman out the folding door and under the bus, in order to get a younger, less ornery, more blindly-following person into his office. The Demoncats will need every single vote they can muster after the November elections to try to block the reforms that the Republicans hopefully will pursue.

The timing makes it obvious. Nancy is hoping that her heroic prosecution of the corrupt Rangel will boost her own popularity ratings, and that of her party. She is an egomaniacal sociopath who will stop at nothing to save her position as Speaker of the House. I have no doubt that the submoron California citizens and the illegal aliens who vote in her 8th District will re-elect her. Short of a miracle, she will still be their Irrepresentative next year, and probably again and again until she takes that ride on Charon's boat. But if the Republicans take control, she will resume her former position as a nobody, just another talking head amongst the Democrat minority. This Rangel trial is nothing more than a last ditch effort to save her power. It's not going to work, Nancy. You're done.

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