Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pumped Up

Illegal Alien In Minnesota Gets Taxpayer-Funded Penis Pump

Here is the latest example of how the government is using the criminal, illegal Mexican hordes of vermin as a crowbar, prying at every root of traditional America. Of course the article does not name the "man," but I think we can safely assume where the "man" is from. He stole $27,000 so what does the rogue government do? Send him back to Mexico? No. Keep him in jail? The article does not say. But he gets a free penis pump that you paid for. So that he can create an anchor baby and get a free pass to stay here forever, get a vote, get free everything. That we are paying for. Do you realize just how corrupt and wicked this country has become? The government is essentially an organized crime gang at this point in our history. We must break down the power structure and rebuild a true constitutional republic in the mold which the founding fathers laid out for us. If we can't do that in the next couple of years, it's over.

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