Friday, July 23, 2010


North Korea Threatens Nuclear Response to U.S. Navy Exercise

North Korea and Iran are the only two countries left with any real importance which are not under full control by the globalist elites. That is why both have been targeted for war against the West in the near future. Kim Jong-Il is in failing health, he is legitimately insane, and I wouldn't be at surprised if he does attack our Navy or South Korea with a nuclear weapon. Even if their weapons have not improved since the "fizzled", partially-successful nuclear test a few years back, the yield would be sufficient to take out an American carrier group or kill hundreds of thousands of South Koreans if they struck Seoul.

Of course an attack on either target would necessarily mean that the North Korean people would suffer the radioactive fallout due to their proximity to either, but Mr. Kim cares nothing for his people. Kim runs the most despotic nation on Earth, and he and his family and regime would remain safe in bunkers until such time as the radiation levels will have dropped to acceptable levels. This is a very dangerous time -- we have a desperate despot in North Korea facing off against the equally desperate Barry Soetoro, who would do anything possible to prevent the Republicans from recapturing the House in November. If hiss bosses tell him to, Barry will not hesitate to sacrifice a carrier group or downtown Seoul. He and Kim are both sociopaths who do not have the ability to empathize. Let's hope that this is just more bluster from Korea, which has usually displayed much more bark than bite.

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