Wednesday, July 21, 2010


BP Pumped Large Quantity of Unusual Chemical Down Well Just Before Rig Exploded

"Ronnie Penton, an attorney for one of the rig workers, said in an interview after the hearing that the double-sized dose of spacer fluid, also known as a "pill," skewed a crucial test of pressure in the well just hours before the blowout. Based on the test, BP concluded it was safe to continue displacing the heavy mud from the well in favor of much lighter sea water.

"That large pill skewed the testing," Penton said.

The alleged departure from standard practice came despite a series of complications in the attempt to complete work on the well. "

There you go, just one more piece of evidence suggesting that BP was trying to provoke an explosion and loss of containment of their well. Two unusual chemicals, 400 barrels of which were pumped down the well, which, after the gusher started, coated the rig in an inch of "snot." At every step leading up to the result they wanted and got, they were using procedures never before tried and which their own employees were literally screaming and cursing at management about, telling them that not only could the rig explode, but that it was a certainty that it would. BP is guilty, hands down, whatever their motivations, there is now no doubt that this was a terrorist operation. Time to arrest and jail the snotty Brits in charge at the company and the globalists who ordered the operation.

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