Thursday, July 22, 2010

Unsafe at Any Greed

Report: Safety Issues Repeatedly Ignored on Deepwater Horizon

“At nine years old, Deepwater Horizon has never been in dry dock,” one worker told investigators. “We can only work around so much.”

“Run it, break it, fix it,” another worker said. “That’s how they work.”

According to a separate 112-page equipment assessment also commissioned by Transocean, many key components — including the blowout preventer rams and failsafe valves — had not been fully inspected since 2000, even though guidelines require inspection of the preventer every three to five years.

The report cited at least 26 components and systems on the rig that were in “bad” or “poor” condition.

I refuse to believe for a minute that the Gulf oil disaster was an accident, even though that's what this report is trying to convince the public of. I had never heard of Transocean before this act of terrorism was carried out. But BP is one of the largest corporations on the face of the Earth. They would not have contracted a smaller company and leased their rig without knowing with whom they were dealing. As such a huge company, BP necessarily stood to lose everything if a disaster like this were to occur.

Do you really think that no one at BP checked out Deepwater Horizon itself, both in person, inspecting the machinery itself, and going through the paper trail detailing the rig's history? No,, they knew exactly what they were getting when signed on to lease the doomed rig. BP knew that the lengthy history of safety violations and broken equipment on Deepwater would give them the perfect cover for their terror operation. That's why this report has been made publicly available at this time. BP can use this to say that it wasn't their fault, it was Transocean's fault -- we had no clue there were problems on board, we're the victim here. Poor us. We're doing everything we can to clean up the mess that the evil, negligent Transocean people caused.

Do not be fooled by this chicane for a minute, people. BP designed this entire scenario from beginning to end at the behest of their globalist controllers, many of whom are heavily invested in BP/Dutch Royal Shell. BP are losing billions of dollars in the short term, on their fake "cleanup" and in the payouts to local fishermen whose lives they've ruined forever, but they will gain trillions in "clean energy" contracts if Soetoro is able to get the carbon tax that BP wrote through our corrupt Congress.

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