Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Almost 900,000 Americans Have Top-Secret Security Clearance

Original Washington Post Article

This article from the Washington Post took over two years to research and write. It is more than a bombshell -- it is fully loaded B-52 Stratofortress. The government was so concerned over the weekend, knowing that this would be released, that they sent warning to all their different agencies urging workers not to leak classified information in the future. This is a devastating revelation of the size and complexity of the American intelligence structure.

At this point, it could rightly be called an industry. If nearly 900,000 Americans have top-secret clearance, that's in the range of one out of every two hundred working adults. I have no figures at hand for the percentage of their populations that the East Germans and Soviets employed for spying during the Cold War, and North Korea is currently so opaque that any guess would be just that.

But let this sink in -- one of every two hundred workers, roughly, is involved in spying and intelligence. And I can guarantee you that the majority of them are not tasked with keeping eyes and ears on Kim, Ahmadenijad, Putin, Chavez and the rest of America's so-called foreign enemies. The majority are in charge of surveying you, the enemy within. I've already written about the stunning level of automatic, technological spying that the NSA, CIA, FBI and Homeland Insecurity use against you. But I always wrote that the lion's share of this was done by computers, and that your communications weren't reviewed by human operatives unless enough keyword flagged you as a potential "threat," i.e. a patriot.

It appears that I have underestimated the globalists and the proliferation of their minions in our government. One out of two hundred workers, given the level of computerization and automation in the government agencies, is an amount sufficient to allow human observation of at least parts of all of our lives. I've already started using a VPN service to avoid Echelon, Carnivore and their successors. Thelast couple of weeks I have been keeping the battery out of my phone except when making a call to prevent the automatic GPS tracking.

Since the idiots in the Senate passed the financial "reform" bill mandating government tracking and storage of every debit card, credit card and online purchase, I have been using cash as often as possible to keep my data profile going into the NSA databases at a minimum. Maybe I'm not so crazy after all. WaPo uncovered 854,000 government minions with top-secret clearance. I guarantee you that neither I nor any of you are important enough, nor "dangerous" enough to warrant the government paying one of them, at a higher GS-scale, to watch us. If there are that many with special privilege to access secret documents, how many more, scrub, $8 an hour contractors do you think there are out there in giant phone and computers centers, tasked by the Soetoro administration to filter through your life and report to Dear Leader whenever they think you might be up to something that goes against Barry's bosses wishes?

UPDATE: According to 2007 statistics from the Department of Labor, there were 153,516,000 people in the "work force," which includes people currently working and those looking for work. Dividing that by the 875,000 now with top-secret clearance results in a figure of 1:179.76, not the conservative 1:200 guesstimate I went with. It's even worse than I thought.

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