Monday, July 19, 2010

Invasion of the Body Scanners

12-Year-Old Girl Naked Body Scanned in Florida

Don't believe the lies by the TSA in this article that the "blurry black-and-white" images cannot be associated with a particular person. They are not blurry and can easily be colorized by applying a negative filter in Photoshop or any other image editor. Insiders report that the resolution is so great that one can see individual pores in the skin of the victim being scanned. And they do record the images, that is also a lie, and any TSA thug with a thumb drive can copy the images.

Does that look like an image so blurry that you could not recognize that very attractive woman if you saw her in the airport lounge? That's not even a fraction of the image's resolution -- I have to resize all images and videos down to 400 pixels of width to fit in this blog. The weirdly-colored portion of the image, the leftmost of the three figures, is a result of the color inversion of the original color photograph. The two on the right are naked body scanner images having been inverted as well. Infowars simply inverted the original image from a German newspaper:

Would you want the most intimate, private details of your child, your wife, your grandmother, or even of yourself being revealed in super-high resolution to TSA thugs who earn $14 per hour?


  1. Your pictures have been debunked. (Hair cannot be seen on these scanners, or powdered explosives, either!)
    But - Here's an actual picture for your story: