Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Illegal Criminal Aliens Now Called "Displaced Foreign Travelers"

:During the raid, a U.S. Forest Service K-9 team located Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez, a displaced foreign traveler from Michoacán Mexico, who had tried to flee the area and hide while officers were performing entry into the marijuana garden."

The Soetoro administration has taken Orwell's concept of newspeak and turned it into an art form. Remember how Big Sis renamed terrorism "man-caused disasters"? Now the Forest Service is introducing a new example of political correctness to the American people, or, as Michael Savage renamed that, political cowardice: illegal aliens are now "displaced foreign travelers." That makes it sound like they were touring Mexico but a flood or hurricane forced them across our borders against their wishes. Well, I guess this new term could be equally truly applied to Barry Hussein Soetoro; he's a displaced foreign president.

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