Monday, July 19, 2010

From A Distance

New Leaks Found "Some Distance" From Well Site

Leak One Mile Beneath Ocean Floor

BP, Gov't Clash Over How To Proceed

Undetermined Anomalies Detected

"Scientists have detected oil or natural gas seeping from the seafloor near BP's unstable Deepwater Horizon oil well and have also found "undetermined anomalies" near the wellhead that scientists fear might also be leaking oil — possible signs that the well may have suffered damage that will complicate technicians' abilities to shut off the flow permanently.

No details were given on the size or exact location of the seep, or what it was made of — crude oil, methane, natural gases or hydrocarbons. But the prospect is ominous. If oil is entering from areas distant from the well bore, it suggests that areas of the seafloor and substrata are allowing oil to escape."

"These scientists and engineers have detected that there is indeed a leak a mile under the surface. Adm. Thad Allen has sent a letter to BP demanding a plan in writing to address the new situation."

I've been writing about this for weeks. Now CNN is reporting it. Except, since they're CNN and have no real reporters all they can tell you is that "some distance" away, oil and methane are leaking, in addition to leaks at the well site itself. Exactly what I predicted is now in the mainstream news. I can tell you the radius -- at least 20 miles is where oil leaking from vents in the floor of the ocean. That's not me with a dowsing rod, that's imagery from NOAA weather satellites. I told you the oil would not stop flowing even if Top Hat Ten shut off the flow from the top of the shattered well. It's over. This proves all the information I've been collating and posting for you is true. The oil cannot be stopped at this point, according to petroleum engineers, without resorting to a nuclear detonation.

The relief wells cannot work since the original well casing into which they are being drilled is broken. BP will continue drilling them as a distraction for the media and as a hope for the Gulf Coast residents, and some oil will be able to be drawn from the relief wells with great media and government fanfare, but more oil will continue to leak at many, many sites "some distance" from where the circus show is.

Watch it again on Youtube. I seem to be the only person to have captured the footage from BP's ROV because I'm one of few people smart enough to know that they have many more than the one ROV down there feeding the pretty pictures of the clean, blue water to CNN and the rest of the lazy TV news crews. Email the video to your friends. You don't have to link to my posts, I don't care, I just want the video to get out there so that people know BP is lying. Now, they're even lying to Soetoro, so you know who's in charge of this operation. Observe:

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