Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Billionaire Bigots Club

40 Billionaires Pledge to Donate Half of Fortunes

At first this seems like the feel-good story of the year. You have Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Lucas and others all agreeing to donate at least half of their money to "charity." What ABC won't tell you is that some, if not most of this money is bound to be used for nefarious purposes. Bill Gates himself, just months ago, spoke before a conference where he talked excitedly about using vaccines to draw down the world's population. Watch for yourself:

Note when he says that one of the four factors in the equation must be brought down to near zero if the planet is to be saved. And note which of the four is highlighted on the giant screen in the background - the "P," for population. Gates says that by means of vaccines he can see a 10-15% decrease in world population. Yes, you heard that right. Normal vaccines save lives, not reduce population.

But the special un-vaccines that he and the other globalist write about planning to use on us have no benefit. They are designed to kill outright or in some cases merely to sterilize. The latter is probably what Gates is referring to, not hard kill weapons but simply deleting peoples' ability to have children. These evil creatures are not kind souls donating their money to save the planet, they're bigots who want to start by killing people in Africa and other poor countries and then work their way around to getting you and I.

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