Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hall of Mirrors

Harry Reid: No Hispanic Could Be Republican

Harry Greed is caught in a feedback loop, a funhouse style hall of mirrors in which his own racism is reflected back on him. This verminous traitor to all Americans is the one after all who talked about Barry Soetoro, who he knows in ignorance as "Barack Obama" as "light-skinned" with "no Negro dialect." The man is a bigot, and it is only because of the idiocy of the drunken votes of Nevada that he is in position as Senate majority leader. That along with the illegal alien vote, of course.

Harry Reid says that it is unconscionable for Hispanics to vote Republican. I guess he's received "sensitivity training." What he would have said a couple years ago is that brown people must never vote against the Dimocrats. Because brown people are darker-skinned versions of Reid's pure white race, and such people have accents and are necessarily untrustworthy and less than equal to those, like Greed, who belong to the Master Race.

It's over for Harry Reid. He nearly lost his seat before, winning by a margin of votes which could have been due to the amount of illegal alien women voters in Phoenix-area hospitals at that time. Barry Soetoro is going down, politically. Nancy Lugosi will retain her seat because San Franpsycho is the drug-user and homosexual capitol of Amerika, but Harry Greed will lose because Nevadans are losing their jobs. Las Vegas is dying, thanks to the policies and speeches off Barry Hussein Soetoro, and the people have figured out that their Senator is interested only in his own success, not theirs.

Bye bye, Harry. Take a good look at yourself in the mirrors before you give your retirement speech. You bigoted, anti-American weevil.

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