Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gone Rogue

South Korean Officials Seize Google's Data, Probing Charges for Privacy Violations

"Google might have illegally collected private internet data from late last year to May this year as it prepared to launch the service, the cyber division of the Korean National Policy Agency said."

"The company has blamed rogue code from earlier software for collecting the wireless data and says it has removed the problematic equipment from its vehicles."

"If Google were found guilty of violating the law, company officials in charge could face prison sentences or fines, he said."

"Rogue code." That's a good one. So we are to believe that Google's software in it's Street View spy vans up and decided on its own to start illegally wiretapping peoples' unsecured wireless networks, seizing their data illegally and storing it in the vans' systems illegally. It must have been some sort of one-in-a-trillion software mutation which caused this, because how else could such perfect functionality magically appear in software which was designed only to locate wireless networks and to allow Google mark wifi hotspots on Google Maps.

I'll tell you how else: Google deliberately designed their software to spy on you. There is no other possible explanation. They had computers in those vans with specific data storage delegated to collect and keep your private data. They did it for years and only stopped when they were caught. The company, second only to Microsoft in the world of computers, and the number one internet firm on Earth, did not know that for years it's vans and their operators, all over the world, were collecting private data? I guess the drivers must have always been scratching their heads, wondering what all those new folders and files were which kept pooping up every day on the hard drives. It's laughable.

Google is the best tool that internet users have to quickly find what they are looking for on the web. Unfortunately it is also working directly with the NSA and Homeland Insecurity to track and monitor you and I. Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are tied into the total electronic surveillance system -- you willingly give the government information on your whereabouts and activities every time you update your status, mood, location or post your thoughts.

Last week the government came out and admitted, even bragged to the press that the CIA is working with "Recorded Future" to track all of your online data and compile "real-time dossiers" on everyone. Google is the central hub of the government's system to track and ultimately control you. I only use Google's search engine when connected to my VPN, so that they cannot tell who or what computer is requesting what data. I suggest that you all either sign up for a VPN service or stop using Google altogether. Unless, that is, you don't mind having zero privacy.

Startpage.com is a good place to start, pun intended. It is the only search engine I'm aware of that has been third-party verified to store no personal data. It is not as slick looking or as accurate in finding exactly what you're looking for, often the very top search result is not that and you have to look further down in the results page, but at least they don't have vans rolling down your streets taking photos of your homes and siphoning and storing data from your wireless networks. South Korea is the most technically savvy and tech-heavy country on the planet, even slightly more so than Japan is, and they have figured out one part of the criminality that is Google. I hope this country will follow up and investigate the company, but I know it won't, because knowing everything you do and everywhere you go is crucial to the total command-and-control tyranny we are all scheduled to shortly be under.

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