Friday, August 13, 2010


CNN Offices Suffer Bedbug Invasion

TVNewser has learned the human resources department of TBS Inc. has sent out an email this afternoon alerting staffers of a bed bug problem in their New York City offices at Time Warner Center -- home to CNN, and other Time Warner entities.

The Time Warner Center Facilities Department advises that bed bugs have been detected in Time Warner Center. This determination was made after testing was conducted on several floors of the building.

This is childish and mean of me to say, but it serves them right. And I can tell you why this happened to CNN and why bedbugs are spreading all across the nation. Once having been almost completely eliminated from America, almost unheard of anymore, the bedbugs have come back. Rather, they have been brought back, not found their own way. Michael Savage is a trained epidemiologist and points out that, like many diseases such as tuberculosis and pertussis, again once eradicated in our country, the bedbugs have been brought back by illegal aliens.

They're an epidemic in New York City, even in the fanciest hotels and apartment buildings. Because guess who clean those properties. Criminal illegal aliens. Guess who clean the Time-Warner office building. The all-come-here-to-work folks. Except they all don't come here to work, and many of them cross our border bearing the gifts of pestilence and plague.

Keep on supporting the illegals, CNN, and see what else you can pick up there in your office. It would be rather difficult for Anderson Stupor and Larry Cane to do their shows after having contracted cholera or whooping cough from the wonderful illegals. I do hope that the exterminators successfully clear the Time Warner building of the bedbugs because their presence is not fair to the guests who come to appear on television. I like to think of this story as a quasi-Biblical warning to CNN to start telling the truth and be patriotic for once.

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