Friday, August 13, 2010

The Federal Death Administration

FDA Approves New Abortion Drug

"Ella is an abortion drug," said Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America. "It operates the same way as RU-486, the abortion drug. Many women may be comfortable taking a contraceptive but would object to taking an abortion drug."

Proponents dismiss the concerns, saying that ella has been tested only within five days of unprotected sex and there is no evidence that it works as anything other than a contraceptive.

I am renaming the Food and Drug Administration the Federal Death Administration because they are killing us through the drugs they approve. It's bad enough that the FDA, having been bought and paid for by the big pharmaceutical companies, constantly approve new "medications" which later are proven to give people heart attacks, strokes, ulcers, chronic pain and which drive people to commit murders and suicides.

Women already had access to the inertly-named "Plan B" pill in order to abort the newly created human lives in their wombs after nights of indiscretion. But that wasn't good enough for the globalists, or for the feminists and insane liberals in Congress and in the FDA and in the media. Now, the Federal Death Administration brings you "ella." It's so harmless and loving and wonderful that the name isn't even capitalized. How could something with the cute name "ella" possibly be bad?

Because it aborts 5-day-old babies. And yes, even though a baby is only a microscopic cluster of undifferentiated cells at that age I shall call it a baby. Because, if left alone, he or she will grow into a fully-formed, intelligent human being. It is an absolute paradox of liberal thinking that they will go to the ends of the Earth to protect the rights of Muslim terrorists, pedophiles, rapists, murderers and any other kind of swine they can find and help out, but that the liberals themselves are the ones pushing for the "right" to legalized, de facto murders on the behalf of would-be mothers against their unborn babies.

And before any of you Anonymouses comment that a 5-day-old fetus cannot feel pain or anything else, let me tell you something. We are talking about philosophy here, not the technicalities of human fetal development. The liberals in the Federal Death Administration who have just approved "ella," their new murder pill, are of the same ilk who continue to press for the "right" of partial-birth abortion. Philosophy, not technicality.

For any of you who might not know what partial-birth abortion is, let me tell you. Even that term is purposely misleading. It would more properly be termed cross-vaginal icepick infanticide. This is the practice which Doctor George Tiller performed, one of only three in the nation who would commit this crime, before an anti-abortion activist unfortunately murdered him. But when he died the liberal media raised a hue and cry something fierce. "Partial-birth abortion" involves the procedure, available right up through the ninth month of pregnancy, wherein the "doctor" would induce labor, wait until the head of the living, feeling, viable human being is partially out of the "mother's" birth canal, then pierce the head with a sharp object and insert a vacuum hose and literally suck his or her's brain out.

All the while the baby kicks and screams as he or she fights for life in those last few, terrible seconds. And then you have the stories of the clinics where women would actually give birth to living, perfectly healthy babies which were unwanted, so the "nurses" simply locked the babies in closets with no food or water and waited until they died, and deemed that to be a form of abortion. These liberals are sick, demented and truly evil people. I can think of nothing worse than arbitrarily terminating the life of a living baby, who would have grown up to have his or her own life and probably children of their own.

The globalists' endgame is to reduce the population of the planet to around 500 million slave workers, according to Alex Jones. They are doing this in many ways, and they are quite successful. Fertility is down, real life expectancy is starting to drop, they are poisoning our food, water and air, they are putting toxins in consumer products, they are spraying us with aluminum salts and God knows else in chemtrails. They have had the media run a campaign, also quite successfully, to convince Americans and Europeans that it is no longer "cool" to have children and live in traditional, nuclear family ways.

Women today shouldn't be like Atlas, burdened with the weight of the world on their shoulders in the form of babies, according to the globalists. It is not fair to them. They must concentrate their energies on reality TV shows, on iPhones and on purse dogs, not on procreation for the survival of the human race. So no more worries, ladies. You already had "Plan B" to allow you to murder your children up to 72 hours after they are created. Now the Federal Death Administration brings you the 5-day-capable "ella." So if you are just too busy to kill your babies in the first three days of their lives, if you have to go to the tanning salon or get your hair colored, now you have an additional two days to commit the most horrific crime known to man.

This entire government needs to be gutted and demolished, and rebuilt in the original form envisioned by the enlightened men who set it up. The federal government is a rogue, criminal group of gangsters, thugs and thieves who are controlled top to bottom by the inbred, insane, Luciferian globalist elite. We have so much work to do that the task seems impossible. Conservatives, Christians, real Americans must strive to maintain the healthy mental attitude that it can be done -- we can restore the republic. The media and Barry Hussein Soetoro are bombarding us every single day with multiple stories, bills and policies designed to crush our will and make us give up the fight. I will never give up. November cannot come soon enough.

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