Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Usual Suspects

Gov't Lacks "Expertise" To Salvage Evidence in Gulf Disaster, Hires Transocean

The US government is leading what could become a criminal investigation into the disaster. But it does not have the technical expertise to gather evidence some 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

Transocean, which leased the rig to BP, is expected to take charge of the salvage operations.

What would be one simple definition of a perfect crime? How about one where the criminals are in charge of all the evidence. BP have been the only ones with camers down on the ocean floor. Congress has demanded that the damaged equipment strewn about the site of the blown-out well be collected and raised for examination. Nour our government say they don't have the capability to do this, even though they do. Ever heard of the Glomar Explorer, which in the mid-seventies raised an entire Russian nuclear submarine?

But no, now they have forgotten how to do this because guess who owns Glomar Explorer, now renamed GSF Explorer -- our old friends at Transocean, the ones who allowed BP to blow up their rig by being lax in their safety and negligent with their equipment.

The conversion of the vessel in 1997 was the start of a 30-year lease from the U.S. Navy to Global Marine Drilling. Global Marine merged with Santa Fe International Corporation in 2001 to become GlobalSantaFe Corporation, which merged with Transocean Inc. in November 2007 and operates the vessel as the GSF Explorer.

This is outrageous. A company which will be potentially held criminally and civilly liable in court for their actions and inaction will have sole custody of the evidence which could be used to damn them. Incredible, but not a surprise. Barry Soetoro wants the whole thing forgotten about, and by allowing this to happen, he can be sure that no trails are ever held, the vermin.


  1. Apart from the Glomar, don't they have the entire United States Navy at their disposal?

    Hmm, guess they must all be busy chasing OBL and other phantom Goldsteins, or maybe that's all a hoax and they've sold the whole shooting match to the 'other' Saudis for gold?

  2. Just beautiful. I wonder how I can get the govenment to work this same deal with me.

  3. It was funny, when I wrote about Glomar Explorer in the post, I had no idea Transocean had purchased it. I was assuming that Hughes Corp. still owned it and that it was probably in a CIA hangar somewhere waiting for another Russian or a Chinese sub to go down. Looking at the list of vessels Transocean oceans, it's quite impressive. But I don't believe for a second that no other company has a ship that can pick up pieces of Deepwater Horizon and the only well that supposedly exists which fell off of the thing.

    This is an obvious, blatant attempt at cover-up. BP were the third biggest contributor to the campaign of the man known as Barack Obama. That's why he puts on the kid gloves for the company and their Transocean partners.