Saturday, August 14, 2010


Obama Defends Ground Zero Victory Mosque in NYC

Obama called for sensitivity with respect to developing in lower Manhattan, but cautioned against drawing comparisons between mainstream Islam and the ruthlessly violent ideology of al Queda, which he said is a “gross distortion” of the faith.

I have never heard of "al Queda," that's a bad job by the Politico and it's spell-checking software. al Queda, al Qaeda, al Qaida, al CIA-da, you can call it al Queso for all I care. What I have heard and continue to hear are normal, mainstream Americans wondering whether the man they knows as Obama is a stealth Muslim. Everything he has done so far in his presidency points one in a direction to believe that.

I wouldn't care whether he is or not if his own personal beliefs do not affect his actions as president. But it appears that they do. Whether Barry Soetoro actually is a practicing Muslim or simply a practicing Communist, Marxist or Leninist, socio-fascist or a simple America-hater is unimportant, it's an interesting study but academic nonetheless. What matters is what this man has done, is doing and is planning to do to our country.

I'm deeply divided on the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. My first instinct, like a lot of people's is to say no, that the government must refuse the Muslims' right to build on that particular spot. I though that forcing them to build a few streets over, where there would be no view of Ground Zero from the observation deck that they surely plan to build on the top floor of their "mosque" and "religious inter-relations center," was perfectly reasonable I have changed my mind, though I still hate the fact that these verminous America-haters are going forward with the project.

I realized that it is dangerous to wish for even one single, isolated instance where the American people, without really thinking about it, want to empower the government to tell one specific group of people that they cannot build whatever they want where they want to. Because that would necessarily mean giving the government permission to violate the 1st Amendment rights of the Muslims. The more I think about it, the more I think that Soetoro is encourage the Victory Mosque not because he loves Islam so much as that he hopes the people will demand of him or of Mayor Bloomberg or of the governor to use their power to prevent the "mosque" from being built.

Everyone knows what this vile building will be -- a 13-story middle finger stuck right in the face of the Great Satan. Barry Soetoro knows this is no plan for a regular mosque that just happens to be in an unfortunate spot. Everyone knows the "holy man" who raised the money to build his monstrosity is a radical America-hater and got the funds from others like him in the Middle East. Barry is playing a game with you.

Barry and the globalists (which would be a great band name for him) want people like me to log into my dumb blog that no one reads and scream that the Victory Mosque must be stopped. It must not be stopped. Because if we use government power to stop the verminous, radical Muslims who have infiltrated this great country and used our own laws, policies, media and the stupidity of those and the public's general lack of being on guard against foreign invasion into our land... Then we will have given the government the precedent they will use time and time again to stop other things that they don't like.

What I propose is this, instead of killing what's left of the First Amendment by demanding that the Mosque be stopped, we use it and strengthen it. New Yorkers should allow the radical Muslims all the permits and paperwork legally required to build their minarets and observation level, another inscrutable fortress of terrorist training into which our FBI and NSA and Homeland insecurity are never allowed to peer.

And then those men and women in New York who lived through the horror of the 9/11 attacks, which I remind you Barry Soetoro's and G.W.'s globalist handlers contracted out to the radical Muslims and Mossad to carry out, and the city which spent years cleaning the site up and healing itself should refuse to actually do the work to build it. This will not happen, of course, since Soetoro's wonderful policies have done grave damage to the economy and some people desperate for work will do the labor. But it would be nice to see the Muslims have a very difficult time hiring a New York construction force.

They should be forced to bus in illegal aliens to do the work. The two groups of vermin should be comfortable with each other since they both hate America. So they can build the Victory Mosque with a crew consisting entirely of illegals and fellow Muslims. And even though the news cameras will be there shooting footage of the building being being put up, the Soetoro administration will order NYPD to stand down from arresting the illegals. And it will all be seen on TV and then even some of the dumb liberal and independent "Obama" supporters might get a glimpse into who Barry Soetoro really is.

Then companies in New York should refuse to sell food to the construction workers on their lunch breaks, and the people behind this will be forced to bring in taco trucks and falafel stands run by even more haters of America. And that will be seen on the news as well, at least on the more honest outlets. And when the Victory Mosque is finally completed and has its Grand Opening and the first bells ring out to mark the first call to prayer on opening day, New Yorkers should use their First Amendment rights to mount a massive protest outside the "cultural center."

And they should continue to protest every single day until the verminous, anti-America radical Muslims behind the thing get so sick of real Americans for once using our own Constitution and Bill of Rights against them that they decide it's more of a hassle than it is fun to keep maintaining that mosque. They can pick up their stakes and move a few miles away and then New Yorkers will leave them in peace, because they are not racists nor bigoted against the "religion of peace," as the media would love you to believe. Let's show all the America haters, the Muslims, the leftist media and Barry Hussein Soetoro that we are willing for once to use the law against them rather than sitting here and constantly let them chip away at it.

Let the Victory Mosque be built. And then, New York, do everything you legally can to make life for the radical America-haters a living hell. All of them. And that includes talking to your friends about Barry Soetoro using that name. It doesn't matter if he is a stealth Muslim or not. The only thing that matters is that he is a globalists' tool to destroy our country. Barry has been flying under most people's radar for far too long, and it's time to force him up where the truth about his identity can be detected.

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