Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Savage Truth

Here's Michael Savage from Monday's show talking about the new studies finding that BPA and other chemicals in our food and environment are lowering the age of onset of puberty in girls to as low as 7 years of age, and causing boys' testicles to not descend in some cases and others' penises to be smaller. Don't giggle -- the globalists are doing this as part of their plan to reduce world population. BPA is bad news and I believe we're the only country in the world where it is not banned for use in food and beverage containers.

America was singled out for BPA use because we're the biggest threat to the complete globalist takeover -- we're the only ones left, pretty much, with guns in the people's hands. I don't drink bottled water, nor any other drinks that come in BPA bottles like Gatorade, LifeWater or any of the rest. But think how clever the globalists were when they chose to mandate BPA for use in our bottled water containers -- you figure out that municipal water supplies are poisoned, so you think you're protecting your family by buying bottled water at the grocery store. But those bottles have poisoned the water they contain with BPA, an estrogen mimicker. So very clever, so evil.

Hopefully now that the issue of BPA and other hormone-type chemicals in our environment is no longer an Alex Jones "conspiracy theory" but mainstream news, more people will find out. I can't afford one of the $1000+ EcoloBlue atmospheric water generators, but I am getting ready to order a Berkey water filter for around $250 which comes with a free fluoride filter if you select that as your free item. $250 is very little to pay for fluoride-free, mercury-free and pharmaceutical-free water. That's the only way now that you can get clean, non-toxic water, unless you own a well, have a spring on your property or collect rainwater for drinking. It's sad to have to spend a few days' pay in order not to be poisoned, but that's where we are in 2010 Amerika.

Study Finds Precocious Puberty Among 7-Year-Old Girls

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