Monday, August 9, 2010

Boiled Down

For you, my three loyal readers and my several helpful Anonymous commenters, a gift, a two-page boil-down of the whole Well A/Well B scandal that you can either print as fliers or send as JPEG images attached to friends and family in your email. Thank you for all your helpful (and some not so much) comments.

Download the full size JPEG here:

Download page 2 here:

Please spread these around, either physically or electronically, until such a time as I am either proven right or wrong. The questions have to be asked and answered. I think the proof is very strong -- BP say that Well B does not exist but there it is, broken, leaking oil and gas, caught on camera. And don't forget that these three lone videos are the only ones I've found on Youtube out of the tens of thousands people have posted where BP forgot to cut the live public feed when moving to film Well B. If you find any more, please let me know. Thanks to all.


  1. Thanks. I have sent copies to my congress critters, but I haven't revealed the source.