Sunday, August 8, 2010


Obama to Play Basketball in Front of Wounded Warriors

This is simply tasteless. Barry Soetoro, who, disguised as "Barack Obama" during the campaign season of 2007-2008 repeated over and over that his first act as president would be to immediately remove all the military from Iraq and Afghanistan, now plans to play pick-up hoops with NBA stars. In front of the brave wounded men and women who served him, even after he broke his promise, and returned home missing pieces of their bodies and some, I'm sure, with problems of the mind even more serious than those of their bodies

I honestly don't know if the Soetoro/Obama clan do things like this and like Michelle's fling with the Spanish king on purpose to enrage the American people or if they simply are steeped so deeply in their socio-fascist mentality that it comes naturally to them to flaunt their power now that the idiot American left and the clueless independents put them in the Red House. But I'm starting to think that Soetoro and his wife are doing these things on purpose, knowing that the mainstream media will never sustain criticism. Barry is showing off like a peacock does, but instead of fanning feathers he will attempt to impress the wounded troops with jump shots and perhaps a crossover dribble.

Why any of the military would show up voluntarily to sit in thrall before this creature is beyond me. I hope none do. Those that have suffered injury since January of 2009 have one person to blame -- Barry Hussein Soetoro. Because on Day 1 of his reign, he promised to yank everyone out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, it is George W. Bush's fault for getting us into those pits of quicksand, but Barry is the one who left them there. And now he's putting on a display, going to play basketball in front of those who can no longer play because they are missing arms, legs and eyes.

But the media will report it in the fluff segments at the end of their news hours, just a quick 30-seconds to tell you how wonderful and magnanimous "Obama" is, how he went out of his way to entertain downtrodden, wounded veterans of Bush's war. Then on to the next story. Except it's not as easy as that for the troops once the bright lights are turned off and the cameras leave. They'll have to deal with their physical and metal wounds for the rest of their lives, as will their families. But Barry doesn't care, in fact I think he likes the idea of the whole thing. This president is the most anti-military and anti-American in the history of the United States. Carter was a man of questionable intelligence with anti-Semitic tendencies, FDR was a socialist vermin but Barry Hussein Soetoro actually hates America.

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